Employee Experience
  • HR Audit
  • Internal Customer Journey Mapping
  • Performance Culture
  • Internal Communication
Re-Structuring & Turn-Around
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Creating Performance Culture
  • Transformation Projects
  • Strategic HR Management
  • New Manager Orientation
  • Mid-Manager Development Program
  • Hiring Performance Booster

Employee Experience

HR Audit
Key Challenges?

How can HR improve its service levels and become more customer-centric?
How can HR create value in operational and financial business results?

Internal Customer Journey Mapping
Key Challenges?

Who is HR’s internal customer and what do they really expect from HR department?
How can HR excel in customer care, what are the best practices to adopt?

Performance Culture
Key Challenges?

As PMS is no longer stimulating the expected results, how HR can create performance culture?

How to increase organizational effectiveness without damaging Company DNA?

Internal Communication
Key Challenges?

How can HR be better in utilizing the communication tools and visuals to deploy critical messages to the organization?
How can HR create a persona and a story to inspire & motivate employees?

Re-Structuring & Turn-Around

Éclat offers consulting services to diagnose current bottlenecks that inhibit desired results and operational efficacy. Consulting projects involve 3D approach where discovery phase is followed by tailor-made design and deployment.

More than 60 percent of change initiatives fail to achieve their intended outcome.
Humans have a natural tendency to resist change; in the absence of proper change management they either do not embrace the “new” and poorly perform or choose to stick with the status quo creating a duality in execution.

The effectiveness of any initiative depends upon both on the quality of improvement solution and the acceptance level of solution. In other words, the overall effectiveness (E) of any improvement solution is a function of both the quality of the solution (Q) and the acceptance level of the solution (A).

Effectiveness = Quality x Acceptance
While an improvement methodology focuses on the quality of an improvement solution (Q), the acceptance level of solution (A) is influenced by communication.

Key Challenges?

Who is your internal customer and what do they really expect from your department?
How can HR excel in customer – care, what are the best practices that HR can adopt?

Key Challenges?

How my organization can deliver an impeccable internal customer experience and thus lower the turnover and improve the engagement level?
How can I execute unique, cross-functional experiences that turn employees into advocates?

Key Challenges?

What is my Value Proposition as an Employer and how well it is integrated in my hiring strategies & approaches?
What makes my organization different than my competitors as an Employer and how well am I communicating it?


Strategic HR Management
Key Development

Specifically designed for HR professionals, aims to develop their business understanding and introduce basic management skills; key account management, conflict resolution, negotiation and effective communication techniques. Commonly considered as form providers & operational clerks, HR team needs to boost its conceptual thinking and articulation via mastering the common business skills.

New Manager Orientation
Key Development

1st line managers play a critical role in performance & engagement as they are acoountable for team management but often fail to adopt the new role and continue to be the Subject Matter Expert and fail to deliver the basics as delegation, coaching, feedback. This program is specifically designed to introduce basic people management skills together with relationship management and collaboration with their peers who happen to be their former superiors.

Mid- Manager Development Program
Key Development

As Mid-managers accumulate basic knowledge and experience on People Management, they regularly need updates on recent trends and techniques of large team management, Situational Leadership and performance culture. This program aims to provide agility via shifting their capacity to maneuver across generations.

Hiring Performance Booster

Employer Branding is considered to be one of the popular HR investments in recent years.

Attracting the right talent as well as offering a unified vision and architecture to build impeccable branded moments crumble at the very beginning; hiring.

Talented HR professionals relentlessly work on developing best framework for hiring practices but the performance of line manager, whose primary expertise is not interviewing & assessing potential, determines the success ratio of the hiring process.

This one-on-one program is specifically designed to boost Line Managers’ performance on assessing talent potential and conducting well-structured interviews. The program provides hard-core interview techniques together with on the job training with instant feedbacks to calibrate Line Manager hiring skills.

Éclat way of doing business

Strong brands make promises to their customers through their Value Proposition. It is critical that the key distinctive elements that differentiate a brand are mirrored in its internal behaviours as well.

Future Objectives

We can work holistically going from HR touchpoint mapping to EVP creation, or we can support your organization with specialised services such as messaging strategies and Key Initiative Launches.


Co-creation is essential in our approach. This may include survey with employees or it may be small intimate workshops with the management team.


We can offer a complete creative package from positioning to expression across touch points and how that influences the employment experience and engagement. Or we can help with specific challenges to address a more targeted business requirement.


We can offer on-site consultancy during deployment phase to ensure the ROI. The consultancy may include trainings, assessment of the team to bridge the gap for future success and to create sustainable performance.