Internal Customer Experience Model

At Éclat, we’re passionate about enabling clients to design and deliver impeccable internal customer experience and empower their organization to overcome the leading HR challenges;  “creating impact”, “engagement” and “retention”.

In order to deliver the impeccable internal customer experience, we work on a model where our clients can x-ray their current organization via quantitative research, start with a diagnosis and tailor the best-fit solution for their Human Asset Challenges.

Internal Customer is the protagonist of the experience and its engagement is driven by diverse motivational factors.
Understanding Hiring Process, Definition of the TALENT, Emotional bond with the brand & the organization, Internal touch points is critical in defining the individual aspect of the experience that an organization is delivering.

Employer is about the persona, story behind the Brand itself, the promise that the brand is making and the visibility of such attributes in everyday life.

It is the arena where virtual promises turn into realities. It is about Company values, Vision & Mission, Corporate culture, Leadership Style, communication and transparency.

It is about communicating the expected behaviors, cultural fit, requirements of today and probable future plans. Bringing transparency into the organization in order to enable sense of fairness.

Education entails mandatory knowledge to perform within the organization. It is about accessible information on products, services, policies, processes, task at hand through which internal customers can feel at ease by feeding themselves with required information, sharing and knowhow transfer.

Understanding the definition of success, everyday processes to accomplish a simple task, job definitions, KPIs, innovation & improvement focus, role / profile matching.

It is about enabling internal customers to feel in charge, to increase their sense of belonging, to take initiative, to act beyond their job definitions, and available tools to create & innovate for further success.

Sophisticated methodology to diagnose the gap

  • What are the internal touch points that HR connects with internal customers during their journey?
  • Are the brand behaviors embedded in everyday practices?
  • How participative is the leadership style?
  • What is the definition of success?
  • What are the strongest skills represented within the company?
  • Do the organization has a structured cross departmental program?

Éclat way of doing business

Strong brands make promises to their customers through their Value Proposition. It is critical that the key distinctive elements that differentiate a brand are mirrored in its internal behaviours as well.

Future Objectives

We can work holistically going from HR touchpoint mapping to EVP creation, or we can support your organization with specialised services such as messaging strategies and Key Initiative Launches.


Co-creation is essential in our approach. This may include survey with employees or it may be small intimate workshops with the management team.


We can offer a complete creative package from positioning to expression across touch points and how that influences the employment experience and engagement. Or we can help with specific challenges to address a more targeted business requirement.


We can offer on-site consultancy during deployment phase to ensure the ROI. The consultancy may include trainings, assessment of the team to bridge the gap for future success and to create sustainable performance.