Who We Are

Éclat offers consultancy to talented organisations that are willing to shape the future by changing the rules of engagement today.

Zeynep YOGURTCUGIL is a HR strategist with a cross-industry exposure. She is specialized in projects that impact overall Company Performance via transforming systems and structures by leveraging employees as integral change agents.

Owner and founder of Éclat Consulting based in İstanbul, Zeynep is a former Deputy General Manager at Pronet Security, former Executive Vice President HR & Corporate Marketing at AirTies.


Her journey in Human Resources started in consultancy and took her to Pharmaceuticals, M&A, High Tech and Service industries. Her advisory assignments covered construction, retail, and e-commerce businesses.

Éclat’s work is focused on turn around – designing strategic responses to shifting organizational culture, employee behavior and performance, and overcoming challenges of growth through people.

Her view is that the War for Talent is no longer a reality as David a.k.a talent has crushed Goliath! Employees are no longer can be considered as resources and managed through automated, non-personal processes but rather they need to be treated like customers; with extensive care! Prioritizing engagement and retention via bringing sense of meaning & purpose into the organization is not an emotional reflex but rather a game changer.

Zeynep is a proud Endeavor Mentor.